Proceed with Caution: Top Things Experience Taught Us Not To Underestimate

We often believe in our invincibility. We think we know what we’re doing, and nothing can go wrong. Sometimes, the world has a way of teaching us harsh lessons about our hubris. 

Here are things people learned from experience to stop underestimating. 

A Wound

Woman cutting veggies in the kitchen holding a knife and sucking her finger as if she had a small accident.
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Modern life holds magic people from only a hundred years ago would marvel at. If we get a scratch or a cut, we can simply wash it out with modern soap and disinfects, staving off life-threatening infections. 

Don’t underestimate the devastation a minor infection can cause. 

My mom knew a guy that had to have his leg chopped off because a cut got infected. It was insane,” reported one user. 


A hand on a red ladder going up on it's own into the sky.
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We always think we’ll be safe, but far too many people get complacent and ignore basic ladder safety. 

A fall from a ladder can result in lifelong injuries, disability, and even death. 

Tired Driving

A man asleep behind the wheel of his car.
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When you’re tired from a long day, you just want to get home. You don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel and driving despite your drowsiness. 

Tired driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence, and we must take it more seriously. 

Vibrating Logs

A large hornet on it's nest.
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If you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the forest and come across a strangely vibrating log, leave it alone. 

Odds are, it’s a hornet’s nest, and you definitely don’t want to disturb them. 


Senior man and woman giggling and gossiping.
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Some folks think nothing about sharing a little tidbit of gossip, but be careful who you share with. If someone’s talking bad to you, they will talk bad about you. And if you let the wrong thing slip, you might risk your entire career. 


A group of four middle aged women laughing and walking together outside holding their yoga mats.
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When we’re young, we think we’re invincible! We can do anything, go anywhere, eat anything. However, if we’re not careful, we might underestimate how much our bodies can tolerate. 

Take care of your health throughout your life

Head Injuries

An upset woman rubs her head with both hands as if it hurts.
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A head hit can cause hidden damage. Someone who hits their head on something may think they’re okay, but there could be internal bleeding or a concussion. 

Don’t underestimate head injuries. If someone hits their head, take them to the hospital for scans. 

A Hole in the Sand

A man digging in the sand at the beach.
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Beachgoers dig thousands of little holes in the sand on any given day. Some get over-ambitious and decide to dig massive trenches, but those hold hidden dangers. 

Don’t trust any ditches deeper than your belly. If it collapses, you may suffocate. 


A deer tick on a leaf.
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Ticks are far more than annoying parasites. They’re carriers of Lyme Disease, a dangerous condition that causes debilitating headaches and fatigue. Ticks also carry a variety of tick fevers that can be fatal to livestock, cats, and even humans. 


waves breaking on a sandy beach on a gorgeous day.
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The ocean can turn angry in a minute. Waves seem like fun, but they’re thousands of gallons of water barreling at you. Giant waves can knock you down, and the constant onslaught can make it challenging to get back up. 

Aggressive Drivers

A man experiencing road rage. He gestures aggressively and yells while driving.
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Some folks want to be angry at the world. Let them. There’s no point in starting an argument with an aggressive driver. Let them be mad at something else, and avoid a dangerous road rage incident. 


Snow covering the street in winter.
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Whether it’s extreme heat or a wet cold, don’t underestimate the weather. The elements claim far too many lives each year of hikers who thought they could handle it. 


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