Tears of the Kingdom’s Tutorial Isn’t Over Until You Find AutoBuild – And You Won’t Want To Miss It!

In order to proceed past the tutorial island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players must complete three shrines, each offering Link a unique ability that will help him on his journey.

Ultrahand allows Link to move items around, attaching them to one another to create platforms, vehicles, and more. Fuse unlocks the ability to items to weapons and arrows, expanding the possibilities for your inventory. Recall lets Link turn back time for a specific item, thrusting it backward in its trajectory.

Once you have these three powers, you can leave the tutorial island in the sky and explore Hyrule.

One Last Ability

A savvy player will notice the apparent gap in abilities. One slot remains, but you can’t find it on the island.

Some players may think the new ability spawns later in the game, not realizing the tutorial continues once you leave the sky island and hit the ground.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Caution – there are spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom ahead!

The Final Ability

Links finally ability, known as Autobuild, can only be found in the depths, the new map area lurking beneath Hyrule.

Autobuild saves your last thirty Ultrahand designs, allowing you to rebuild anything automatically without fusing about how to correctly glue it together. You can also set up to eight favorites, so your best designs don’t get lost in the shuffle.

In addition, Autobuild enhances your ability to create things with the schematics feature. Pre-made designs you may never have even considered can be saved in your schematics. The feature helps players lacking the ingenuity of younger generations when it comes to in-game building.

How To Get Autobuild

Players can unlock the ability by following the missions to the depths you will find upon talking to Josha at Lookout Landing.

She asks you to search the depths for evidence of an ancient civilization in the side quest “Camera work in the depths.” After you bring her the evidence she seeks, she’ll send you off again, this time to follow the statues in “A Mystery in the depths.”

You must follow the trail of frog statues to the Great Abandoned Central Mine, where you’ll find a researcher and a Steward Construct. The Steward Construct gives you Autobuild, and the researcher helps teach you how to use it.

A Boss Battle

All is not what it seems, though, as the researcher was actually a member of the Yiga clan and calls his master (who Link defeated in the original game, Breath of the Wild).

The Yiga Master attacks Link with a variety of assault vehicles. If you did this quest early on in the game, you might find it difficult to kill him with the low-grade weapons you have available. 

Players who explored Hyrule and have a few temples under their belts before discovering Autobuild will make fast work of the clan boss, who retreats to another area of the depths to lick his wounds upon his defeat.

And There’s More

Completing the Autobuild quest unlocks a few additional quests to help Link on his journey. With Robbie’s return to the Hatento Village lab, he can now grant access to essential tools users will remember from Breath of the Wild.

First, Robbie unlocks the Sheikah pad’s shrine sensor, which alerts you to nearby shrines. When that’s done, you have three more quest options that will complete your Sheikah Slate upgrates. These quests grant access to the travel medallion, Hero’s Path mode, and the Hyrule Compendium.

Don’t miss out on all these goodies by skipping the Autobuild quest.