Annoying for the Young, Intolerable for the Old: Things That Get Worse the Older We Get

Young folks put up with a lot. But as we get older, our tolerance for annoying behavior fades, and things we once dealt with fill us with rage. 


A woman dressed in a collared shirt covering her ears as if she's ignoring what's happening around her.
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Older folks can’t stand loud noise. We prefer to hear our thoughts. Kids these days blast their music with their fancy Bluetooth speakers to the chagrin of older folks everywhere. 


Large Christmas sale ad that took over the entire desktop screen.
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It’s not so much age but luxury that makes us hate ads. As children, we couldn’t escape their invasive bombardment, but tools like Adblock and ad-free streaming spoiled us. Now, we can’t stand ads. 

“It’s just a joke”

Young woman pointing and laughing in a mean way as if she just did a mean prank.
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Shrodingers jerk, the guy who claims his behavior is “just a joke” after you get rightfully upset, once garnered frustrated eye rolls, but now we can’t stand him. 


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Going out and meeting people used to be fun! Unfortunately, most of the people we meet are awful, and as we age, we lose the hopeful naivety of youth and realize meeting people isn’t worth it. 

Fear Mongering

Potrait of a man who looks scared to represent weird phobias.
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News is becoming more and more divisive. Multimillion-dollar companies and small-time influencers learned they could get far more engagement by stoking people’s fears than by sharing facts or reporting with nuance. 

So now, everyone’s terrified of everything, and our society is falling apart. 

Proud Ignorance

Prideful arrogant looking man pointing downwards.
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Anti-intellectualism has run amock. We used to value doctors and scientists, trusting their knowledge and wisdom. Now, we proudly shout that we refuse to read and entrench ourselves in blissful ignorance. We can’t even have conversations with folks like this anymore. 


Stressed looking business man surrounded by mountains of paperwork.
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We enter adult life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for all the challenges inherent in adulthood. It gets old quickly. 

By the time we reach our mid-thirties and realize all we have to look forward to is another 30+ years of drudgery, we find adult responsibilities intolerable. 

Folks Without Empathy

An annoyed woman making a rude expression pointing at herself as if to say "what, me?"
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Some folks can’t imagine a world where they aren’t the main character. Nothing is real unless they’ve personally experienced it. 

They’re the fathers who suddenly care about women when they have a daughter, the parents who suddenly support gay rights when their child comes out, and the women who decide abortion is necessary the second they need one for themselves. 

Those who have empathy struggle to accept those who don’t, especially as the former watch the latter systematically strip rights from people because it doesn’t affect them personally. 


group of happy teenagers
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I know we were all teenagers once, but looking back, we realize how horrific the age group is. They’re getting their first taste of freedom while their bodies are jacked full of fun new hormones, and their brains aren’t fully developed. It’s a recipe for disaster. 

Spicy Food

Various spicy peppers in different bowls.
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We love spicy food, but the older we get, the less our bodies tolerate it. Where at one time we chowed down on the spiciest wings, we now have to settle for the mild. 

Extreme Temperatures

A thermometer showing hot temperatures baking out in the sun.
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As we age, we get set in our ways and favored climates. Young folks may have no problem spending long hours in the sun, but we can no longer tolerate it as we age. 

Forcing Views

Angry man yelling and pointing his finger towards the camera
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At one point, we were happy to listen to opposing viewpoints. However, casual debate over morals vanished, and now our society attempts to push a religious worldview down everyone’s throat. 

We don’t care what you believe in, but we won’t tolerate you forcing your belief system on others through government and schools.

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