Men Tell All: The Worst Aspect of Being a Man in 2023

Men are having a rough go. Although some think being male is life in easy mode, the harsh reality is most men struggle. Men share the worst things about being a man. 

Social Isolation

sad man sits with his hand on his head looking regretful.
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The rise of the internet led to more isolation among men, especially introverted men. As everyone turned inwards and hid behind their computer screens, the opportunities for social interaction, especially for introverts, disappeared. 

Surface Level Relationships

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Society has strict standards for male friendships. You can only discuss sports, cars, and your latest conquest. There can be no discussion of more profound matters, such as mental health struggles, the truth about how you feel at work or meaningful relationships. 

Dating Apps

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Dating apps destroyed dating. Men still use them to find a partner, but most women become weary of the platforms after a few rotten apples. The men on apps vastly outnumber the women, and men aren’t sure where else to go to find potential partners. 

Stigma Against Emotions

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Men aren’t allowed to feel sadness, depression, or loneliness. They can’t enjoy the full range of human emotions because anything outside anger is deemed “unmanly.”

Abuse Victims

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Society still sees men as the aggressor and women as victims of abuse. Though statistically, that’s true, statistics never tell the whole story. We must take each incident as unique rather than point to statistics thinking we know what happened. People of either gender can be abusive. 

Zero Support

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Society offers a plethora of programs to assist marginalized communities, but white men, as they’re not part of a marginalized community, typically don’t qualify. 

White men need support too, and there are few opportunities for them. 

It’s All on You

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The myth of rugged individualism hurts men. Society raises men to believe everything rests on their shoulders. They must be great providers, perfect husbands, stoic leaders, and everything to everyone. It’s too much for anyone; men often freeze under the overwhelming burden. 

Being Good With Kids

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Society stigmatizes men who are good with kids. A dad at the park gets side-eyed glances from the mothers. Men rarely get positions in daycare facilities or as primary school teachers. Women see Nurturing men as creepy and other men deem them “unmanly.” They can’t win. 

Unable To Provide

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We call men “providers” while destroying their ability to provide. Blue-collar jobs no longer provide a living wage for one, much less for a family. Even white-collar workers need a partner to help with the builds. 

Society created a massive group of men whose self-worth is based on their ability to provide, and then destroyed all their options for doing so, then wonders why men are having a tough time. 

Lack of Purpose

Sad unsure man scratching his head and doubting himself.
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Men are really feeling the pressures of daily life. They work a grueling job, can barely pay the bills, have no free time, can’t afford to date, and end up thinking, “Is this all there is?” 

It’s not just men. All of our lives lack purpose. Our society worships the mighty dollar, and if you don’t make enough, you’re unworthy. 

Something needs to change. 

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