Millennials Not Kids Anymore, and These Grown-Up Phrases They Caught Themselves Uttering Prove It

Far too many older generations have this idea of millennials as children. Every time a baby boomer or Gen Xer sees a young adult, they automatically think Millennial. 

The Media Pushes the Millennials-as-Youth Narrative

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It’s unsurprising, especially when the news media constantly pushes stories about Millennials doing this or that alongside photos of twenty-somethings and teenagers. 

Real Millennials

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In truth, the Millennial generation is approaching middle-aged. The youngest members of the cohort, those born closest to the year 2000, are mostly out of college, while the oldest are pushing 40. 

Most millennials are in their 30s, fully-fledged adults with careers and children. 

To prove it, Reddit asked the Millennials in its wake to share the most “middle-aged” phrases they caught themselves saying. 


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Millennials aren’t kids; in fact, they’ve started calling members of the younger generations (even adult members) “kid.”

A 21-year-old Zoomer is a kid to most millennials. 

“They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To”

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Older generations often wax poetic about the decline of standards in products and services, and they’re not wrong. Millennials are noticing the poorer quality too. 

Best Office Chairs

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We used to converse about concerts and clothes, but now our riveting conversations involve office chairs and lumbar support. 

Nah, I Don’t Want a Drink

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The true mark of adulthood is turning down a drink because you know it will only make you sleepy, and your sleep quality will be poor if you have one. 

A night of drinking no longer has the aura of fun it used to have. 

Dad Groan

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Millennials used to laugh when their boomer parents struggled to get up with a giant groan, but they got the last laugh because millennials do it too. 

A failing body is part of aging.

Nice Lumber

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An exciting shopping trip included visits to video game and trendy clothing stores. Now millennials wander the giant halls of hardware stories fawning at the excellent lumber. 

“I Have To Cook it Before It Goes Bad”

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Being an adult means paying for your groceries, and when we pay for stuff, we want to use it. As teenagers and young adults, we’d never turn down the opportunity for a night out on the town, but now, cooking the meat before it goes bad is a bigger priority than going out. 

No Caffeine After Noon

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Millennials are old enough to turn down caffeinated beverages after noon because they’d rather sleep than enjoy a delicious afternoon coffee. 

Why is the Music So Loud?

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Loud music used to be the jam! But as we get older, we value our eardrums and conversation. We no longer want to go to places where we can’t talk to one another. 

Ugh, Those KIDS!

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Millennials used to be the bad kids playing loud music and riding their bikes in boomer’s driveways. Now, they’re adults dealing with Zoomer kids doing the same thing. 

The cycle continues. 

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