Not Just for the Ladies: “Feminine” Coded Things That Guys Should Start Doing Immediately

Toxic masculinity has a weird way of labeling essential life functions “girly,” making men shy away from them. 

Culture decides that nonsense, and most of it has no actual grounding in science or even reality, for that matter. 

Here are things men neglect because they’re called “girly” that they should start doing immediately. 

Seeing a Doctor

A businessman with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.
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A man doesn’t need a doctor! He can heal himself!

No, he can’t. 

See the doctor. Get your annual checkups. Talk about your ailments. The sooner you find a problem, the easier it will be to resolve. 


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Yoga strengthens the core and the mind. It’s an incredible full-body workout with tons of measurable benefits. But the ladies like it, so “real men” tend to avoid the exercise despite all the proven benefits. 


Women cutting cloth at a sewing machine.
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Military men throughout the ages needed to know their way around a sewing needle – what makes you so different?

The ability to darn your socks and fix your clothes makes you an adult, not less of a man. 


Man in the kitchen wearing an apron cooking. He's lifting the lid off a steaming pot to check on the dish.
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Cooking is an essential life skill that every adult needs to know. We don’t expect everyone to become master chefs, but everyone should know how to prepare a few basic meals. 


A man rubbing skin care lotion under his eye.
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A stereotypical woman’s bathroom explodes with bottles of lotions, salves, and soaps designed to pamper the skin, while a stereotypical men’s bathroom has one bottle for everything. Then, men have the audacity to say women are just naturally better looking. 

Nope. Women spend a lot of time on skincare, and most men would have similar results if they gave it more thought. 

Basic Hygiene

A man washing himself in the shower.
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Far too many men refuse to engage in basic hygiene. Wash your body, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes. It’s the bare minimum. 

Complimenting Your Friends

male friends smiling and hugging.
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Men complain that they never receive compliments but fail to realize that they never give compliments, either, unless they have ulterior motives. 

Women constantly lift their friends up with compliments, and men would collectively feel better if they did the same. 

Seeking Help

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Men often refuse to seek help, especially if they’ve been victims of abuse. There’s still a massive stigma against male abuse victims and the perceived manliness of those seeking help. 

Both these stigmas need to end, and it starts with men taking control of their mental health. 

Experiencing Emotions

sad man sits with his hand on his head looking regretful.
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Men are raised to believe they only have one acceptable emotion: anger. 

They’re missing out on the whole range of the human experience by burying all the other emotions. 

Proper Workouts

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Far too many men let their egos get in the way of a good workout. They focus on powerlifting and building decorative arm muscles while ignoring their cores and legs. 

Women tend to get more well-rounded workouts for health rather than vanity when they go to the gym. 


Woman looking away into a room with her back to the amera. She has her hands on her hips and cleaning supplies in them. She looks as if she's ready to tackle the chores.
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Housework is not women’s work; it’s life work. Bathrooms must be cleaned, food must be bought, and laundry needs washing. 

Men must step up to become fully functional adults and stop putting the burden of daily upkeep on women. 

Skirts and Dresses

A Scottish man walking down the streets of Edinburgh wearing a kilt.
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Why do women have a monopoly on comfortable summer wear? Men should look to their Scottish brothers and reclaim skirts and dresses for men’s fashion. 

Why do guys have to suffer in jeans or cargo shorts all summer when they could wear something with a little breeze?

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