Real Men Thrust Off Gender Roles and Enjoy These “Girly” Things At Least Once

Gender roles hurt everyone. Men aren’t allowed to enjoy life’s little luxuries for fear of the ultimate insult: unmanly.

Let it go, guys. Everyone should enjoy these fantastic experiences often labeled “girly.”

Loving Friendships

male friends smiling and hugging.
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Guys learn to keep emotions buried deep inside and never verbalize their true feelings about their friends. 

Embrace the bromance and openly tell your friends how you feel. 

Fruity Drinks

A fruity cocktail on a sandy beach.
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Rock the umbrella! Fruity drinks are popular for a reason: they taste good. Stop letting gender norms tell you what types of beverages you can enjoy. 

Shaving Legs

Woman wearing a white bathrobe and white towel on her hair sitting on the side of a bathtub shaving.
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Even women shouldn’t have to shave their legs, but some men who’ve done it think others shouldn’t knock it. Smooth skin feels nice on any gender. 

Spa Treatment

man enjoying a clay mask and cucumber eye covers at the spa.
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Why is pampering limited to the ladies? Fellows deserve luxury treatment too. Book that spa treatment and relish in the relaxing, rejuvenating experience. 

Long Hair

A man with pretty long blond hair flowing past his shoulders.
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Men don’t need to limit themselves to short styles and business cuts. Grow your hair long and enjoy your luxurious locks!

Learn to Cook

Man in the kitchen wearing an apron cooking. He's lifting the lid off a steaming pot to check on the dish.
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Don’t let social norms steer you away from taking care of yourself.  Why cooking is coded feminine is beyond anyone’s guess, especially since everyone needs to eat. 

Skin Care

A man rubbing skin care lotion under his eye.
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Women look great because they dedicate time and energy to intensive skincare routines. Washing your face now and again doesn’t cut it. Invest in lotions and creams to maintain clean, clear skin. 

Bubble Baths

image of a large luxury bath.
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Why aren’t men allowed to relax? Bubble baths soothe aching muscles and calm stressed minds. Indulge fellows. 

A Good Cry

Man sitting with his hands near his chin, sadly thinking and seriously thinking
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You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after allowing yourself a good cry. Sometimes you must let all that pain, negativity, and stress pour out of your face in soppy tears. 

Try it. You’ll feel better. 


A busisness man getting a manicure.
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Having neat, trimmed nails is actually a huge turn-on, so why do so many men avoid the nail salon?

Whatever You Want

A man sits on a couch and lean towards his pet cat, who's leaning towards him.
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Outdated gender roles need to go. Real men do whatever they want without worrying about what others think. Like what you like, and stop worrying about whether it’s girly or manly. It’s human, and that’s all that matters. 

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