Snarky, Sassy, and Downright Mean: These Professions Attract the Rudest People

Some professions attract the worst types. Here are the career fields where you’re sure to find the most awful people. 

The Fashion Industry

A line of models in a fashion show.
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People in the fashion industry tend to think they’re above the rest of us who *gasp!* are comfortable rocking our jeans and t-shirts. 

The funny thing is that the fashion industry isn’t vital in the first place. It’s just a way for rich people to feel superior and for poor people to pretend they’re rich. 


Car salesman on a lot pointing at the price on a car's windshield.
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You must be cutthroat to survive in an industry where your pay is based on commission. Salespeople become pushy and manipulative and often resort to lies to make their quotas. 

We don’t blame them, though. Most sales jobs don’t pay enough to survive, so the workers do what they can to feed their families. 


Example of an MLM downstream pyramid with one person at the top and their downstreams.
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MLMs are a subset of sales jobs that are even worse than the original. Those sucked into MLMs start to see everyone they know as a target. They no longer have friends or family. Everyone is a potential sale. 

Typically though, MLMs don’t attract bad people. They attract people who turn bad out of desperation. 

Corrections Officers

A Corrections officer standing in front of a jail cell.
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The corrections field attracts far too many people with a power trip. Folks with control issues gravitate towards this career because it allows them to lord over others who can’t fight back. 

Not all corrections officers start rude. The horrific working conditions present in many prisons probably work to support the negative stereotype. 


Film projector with light emanating from it to show it's running a movie.
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Big wigs in the film industry believe they’re better than everyone else and will take any opportunity to let you know it. 

Extras, PAs, and anyone lacking star power get treated like the scum you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. 

DMV Employees

Crowds waiting at a DMV in California.
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If there’s one civil servant position that loves making others miserable, it’s the DMV employee. The Simpson’s side characters, Patty and Selma, work at the DMV, delighting in the ways they can cause others to have a bad day. 

The thing is, everyone needs the DMV, and they know it. They know they can control whether you get your license today or get stuck in an endless line of never-ending forms, so they have free reign to treat customers poorly while demanding respect. 

TSA Employees

blurred impression of airport security screening passengers.
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Dealing with the traveling public all day, every day sounds miserable, and it shows in the way TSA employees act. The profession is the bottom of the barrel regarding civil servants, attracting those unqualified to work in other government agencies. 


A surgeon wearing a mask, head cap, and eye instruments who is ready for surgery.
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Surgeons get into surgery so they can boss people around. No one questions a surgeon’s orders in the operating room, and they think that means they can also bark orders elsewhere. 

Law Enforcement

Back of a police man. He's wearing a bullet proof vest and has the word "police" in yellow letters across his back.
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Many people become cops to make a difference. They want to protect and serve their communities. However, a not-so-minor subset becomes cops because they love the power it offers. 

Police officers get to lord their authority over the general public, and far too many delight in it.


Smiling man in a suit holding a wad of cash and pointing to it with his other hand.
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Finance attracts folks who only care about money. They’ll look down upon those who don’t have it but gravel at the feet of those who do. Basic human dignity only applies to those who can afford it. 

Public Facing Positions

woman serving food at a fast food restaurant counter
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People who work with the public, like cashiers, customer service reps, servers, and retail workers, are renowned for their rudeness. However, it’s a chicken-and-egg scenario. 

These positions don’t attract rude people; they make people rude. The general public is vulgar, and after dealing with them for hours, workers become rude. 

All of Them

three mean people, a woman in front and two men behind her.
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Rude people abound. You’ll find rude workers in every position and every walk of life. Awful behavior can’t be avoided. 

However, the opposite is also true. Though the professions on this list are known for attracting rude people, not everyone working with them fits that description. 

People have had wonderful interactions with DMV employees and TSA agents. Some surgeons are the kindest people you will ever meet. 

The world abounds with both good and people, regardless of profession.

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