The Harsh Truth Boomers Refuse to Accept: The Rising Cost of Living Makes Parenthood Unaffordable

The boomer generation constantly pesters their kids about grandkids. After the turmoil of parenthood, they want a new generation they can spoil!

Their kids, however, scoff at the notion. US birth rates have declined for several years, and people are starting families later than ever. 

The trend leaves older generations puzzled. Why won’t their kids give them grandkids?

Children are Unaffordable

The Antiwork community on Reddit explained precisely why people opt out of parenthood: They can’t afford it. 

However, they’re baffled at the Boomer’s shock. How do older generations not realize how bad things have gotten?

Cognitive Dissonance

Some users think Boomers are experiencing a form of cognitive dissonance, a psychological phenomenon that protects your ego when your actions don’t align with your values. 

People with cognitive dissonance refuse to accept the truth because the truth is uncomfortable and would force them to change their behavior. They stick their heads in the sand and ignore reality. 

Unaware of Inflation

Many of the older generations bought their homes when housing was affordable. They’ve been out of the market for a long time and never considered current conditions. 

My mom still talked about a “starter home” in (neighborhood) for $250k-300k,” shared one user. “I had to explain to her that houses in that neighborhood now start from $800k, and her brain exploded.”

Lack of Empathy

Empathy is an important skill, but one that’s all too often lacking. Some folks are simply incapable of understanding things they haven’t personally experienced. 

Baby Boomers could buy houses, pay for college, and earn a living wage. Because they had this opportunity, they can’t fathom that it’s disappeared for others. 

Childcare Costs

Many Boomers had the luxury of parental help to care for their kids. Others made enough for one parent to stay home. Even dual-income households could afford a babysitter or childcare. 

Those options aren’t available for the next generation of parents. Most families need two incomes to make ends meet, and childcare costs nearly as much as the mortgage.

Boomer grandparents, who constantly ask about grandkids, don’t want to share the burden of their care. They want to be around for Kodak moments, but when it comes to helping, they nope out, saying they’ve already put in their time. 

Childcare costs the same as rent,” said one user.  “Who can afford 80% of their income to housing and childcare?” they asked. 

Kids Are Too Expensive

Our society made children unaffordable. Wages can’t support a family; they can’t even pay rent. College is unaffordable. Healthcare is through the roof. Basic needs like food are rising with inflation, making it harder even to feed yourself. 

And our parents wonder why we aren’t bringing children into the world. People can barely afford to take care of themselves!

Things need to change drastically if we want to see an increase in the birth rate. Until then, people will continue to delay parenthood, and we can’t say we blame them. 

Source: Reddit