The Most Messed Up Practices that Are Perfectly Legal in Our Society

Society isn’t perfect. It’s made up of flawed humans, hopefully doing their best given their circumstances. We do our best to enact fair laws, justice systems, rules, and helpful programs, but since humans are imperfect, our systems will also be imperfect. 

Society Allows Horrible Stuff

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Sometimes society is way off. There are a few things we get shockingly wrong, and many of us just throw our hands up, shrugging, “Well, that’s the way it is.”

While surfing the internet stumbled upon a thread asking users to share their opinions on the top horrible things society accepts. 

Rich People Above the Law

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Far too many rich and powerful people get away with awful behavior and even crime because of their wealth or status. 

The US is supposed to have equal justice for all, but in practice, it doesn’t work that way. 

Rich Folks Who Got Away With Awful Things

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Redditors gave numerous examples of instances where wealth or status helped someone escape the consequences of their actions. Brock Turner, convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, was given a break because the judge didn’t want to hurt his prospects. 

Ethan Couch killed four people while driving but was let off the hook because he was “too rich to understand.”

Disabled People in Poverty

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The US system depends on workers contributing to the economy, so those who can’t work are pushed to the side and often end up in poverty. 

Redditors pointed out the flaws in how we treat the disabled, from the pitifully low disability benefits that don’t pay enough to live to the fact that disabled people lose even that if they get married. 

Paying the Disabled Less than Minimum Wage

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Others mentioned how companies can pay disabled employees less than minimum wage and how society pushed severely disabled people into care facilities, pretending they don’t exist. 

For Profit Healthcare

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America’s healthcare system is a disaster, making every list of horrible things about society. 

“Too often, those in need of medical care are forced to make a decision between their health and financial security,” stated one user. 

Insurance Companies

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Many said the healthcare system is excellent. We have spectacular dollars and top-of-the-line technology. However, the profit-driven insurance industry sucks money away from healthcare professionals and those needing care. 

Cutting the middle man out of healthcare would significantly reduce outcomes and decrease the cost for everyone involved. 

Child Beauty Pageants

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Parents dress their little girls up like adults, load their faces with make-up, and parade them around a stage showcasing their looks. 

This gross spectacle sexualizes young kids and gives them a false impression that their worth is based solely on their physical appearance. 

Preying on Grief

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The outrageous expense of laying a loved one to rest has some Redditors up in arms. The industry preys on people overcome with grief, implying that they didn’t love the deceased if they didn’t go all out on a coffin and burial. 

Even cheaper options like cremation can still get costly. 

“Had to cremate my mother recently,” said one user. “While it was cheaper, I was looking at a range of prices from a basic, no-frills cremation to a funeral with all the bells and whistles, and yeah. The prices are truly egregious!”

Horrible Prison Conditions

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Society seems to think that imprisoned people deserve anything that happens to them, up to and including sexual assault. 

We joke about the atrocities in prisons, never stopping to consider that we should try to rehabilitate people rather than traumatize them further. 

The Nine to Five

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The nine-to-five lifestyle is outdated, but society hasn’t kept up. 

The nine-to-five worked during the Industrial Revolution and was far superior to the 18-hour workday people were forced into before. However, with technological advances, we need to look past outdated systems and find ways to give people more balance. 

Profit Above All

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Our capitalistic system worships profits at the expense of all else. Workers and consumers both suffer to make room for further gains. 

“Publicly traded stocks give shareholders leverage over the board of directors/CEO, the punishment for “not seeking maximum profit regardless of all other factors” is being fired and replaced by someone who will ruthlessly seek profit,” one user explained, pointing out why the system is the way it is. 

It will take a cultural shift to change our profit-driven society. We need to want to prioritize people, families, and wellness over profit, but at the moment, that doesn’t seem high on our list. 

Low Skill – No Living Wage

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The minimum wage isn’t a living wage in most states. Society seems to think that people working these essential, low-skill jobs don’t deserve a living wage. 

We need clerks, line cooks, janitors, busboys, retail workers, hotel maids, and all the other low-skill, low-wage positions. They’re vital to society’s proper functioning. 

“It’s a travesty that so many people are working long hours in these jobs, yet they still don’t have enough to make ends meet,” said one user. 

Opinion vs. Truth

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Our society values individualism to such an extent that we give uninformed opinions just as much weight as scientific results. 

“Too often, people are more likely to believe in something just because their friends or family say it’s true. We have to be conscious of the sources from which we get our information before accepting what someone else tells us as fact,” stated one user. 

Society accepts this and gives weight to everyone’s uninformed opinion. As a result, the real truth gets buried under a sea of conjecture and misleading information, making it virtually impossible to determine what’s real and what’s not. 

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