When the Company Recsinds an Offer Because You Dared to Negotiate

Negotiations are standard parts of job offers. After you’ve passed the resume review and nailed the interview, the company will always give you a lowball offer hoping you’ll accept. 

Many of us were taught that negotiation is part of the game. They offer low, you offer high, and you meet somewhere in the middle. 

Sometimes, asking for more can backfire. 

Company Rescinds Offer

One man came to Reddit to vent after a company rescinded his job offer for daring to negotiate salary

The Original Poster (OP) said the pay rate was $1 less per hour than he wanted, so he asked his new manager if there was any wiggle room. 

Unfortunately, there was not, and HR hated that he dared to even ask. They let OP jump through additional hiring loops like getting fitted for a uniform, before informing him they were pulling his job offer. 

I drop in with some paperwork and had HR inform me that my job offer has been withdrawn and that I wasn’t in a ‘position’ to negotiate,” shared OP. 

Afraid He Will Quit

The company hated that OP stood up for himself and felt someone with his audacity would jump ship immediately if he got a better offer. 

“They now thought I’d suck at the job, and would probably walk as soon as I found one with better pay,” said OP, reporting what HR told him. 

Negotiating is Normal

Reddit users felt OP’s frustration but reassured him that negotiating is normal. A decent company wouldn’t rescind an offer over a negotiation attempt. They may not budge on their original offering, but wouldn’t pull it. 

“Any good job that didn’t want to pay more would tell you no, they cannot, not pull the offer,” stated one. 

Of Course You’d Leave for More Pay

Many were baffled at HR’s apparent refusal to understand reality. Of course OP would leave if he found a better-paying job. Anyone would. 

Most of us aren’t working our dream jobs, we’re working because they pay us, and if someone paid us more, we’d work for them instead. That’s the entire idea behind work. 

It’s nonsensical that a company wouldn’t realize this basic arrangement. 

They’re Scared

Some users pointed out the likely culprit: fear. Shady companies don’t want workers who look out for their own best interests. These folks may call out unfair practices, start salary discussions, or *gasp!* unionize. 

Companies like this don’t want ambitious, motivated workers. “They just want people who will take what’s given to them and keep their heads down,” said one user. 

Better Off Without the Job

Hr’s actions before he even started foreshadowed the work environment. More likely than not, it’s a toxic work environment that crushes workers’ dreams at every opportunity. 

We hope OP finds a better opportunity with a company that treats workers well and hope this company goes the way of Circut City. 

Source: Reddit