Jaw-Dropping Beliefs So Out There We Can’t Understand How People Think They’re True

We can get behind some theories of alternative facts. Maybe the fashion industry really does conspire to keep women’s pants pocketless so they’ll buy more handbags. 

But some people harbor beliefs so out there we can’t help but stand in awe of their gullibility. 

Here are the most astonishing theories people actually believe are true. 

Big Color Industry

fine art painting
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Big color created the idea of primary and secondary colors to separate unsuspecting consumers from their hard-earned dollars, forcing them to buy more…crayons?

A simple look at color theory proves that red and yellow make orange, so we don’t know what to tell these folks. 

The Great London Fire

A firefighter running up the stairs in a burning building.
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Many cities have horrific fires someplace in their history. We all know the Great Chicago Fire was started by a cow, but did you know the Great London Fire began with a rat?

And not just any rat. A spontaneously combusting rat. Who comes up with this stuff?

On Targeting Florida

Picture of downtown Miami from between two palm trees on the other side of the water
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People who don’t understand how weather works think nefarious forces are at play, intentionally targeting Florida with dangerous hurricanes for some unknown agenda. 

It can’t be that Florida is a tropical peninsula surrounded by warm waters. 

Fake Space Stations

Image of the International Space Station orbiting Earth.
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Some people believe the International Space Station is a deep fake designed to allow the government to siphon money from taxpayers. 

But you can actually see the ISS with most telescopes. 

Australia Isn’t Real

View of Sydney Australia at dawn with a light pink glow from the water with the Opera House in view.
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Australia has a pesky way of throwing off flat earthers claims, but they found a convenient way to explain it away. Australia doesn’t exist. 

Every airline pilot is in on the ruse, and when they say they’re flying you to Australia, they take you someplace else. We can’t imagine where this mystery Australia might be unless it’s, you know…near Australia. 

JFK Jr. Lives

Hands holding a gold crown in a mystical blueish white foggy background.
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The weirdest political conspiracy theory to make the rounds in recent years claimed that JFK Jr. survived the plane crash and that he’d make a “second coming” to crown Trump president. 

It’s a fascinating blend of religion, politics, and brainwashing. 

Demon UFOS

A UFO hovering above a dark and foggy field.
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Some folks believe in demons, but not aliens. So, in their minds, the only reasonable explanation for UFOs is that demons pilot them. 

Lizard People

A man in a white suit dances on a light pink background while wearing a dinosaur mask.
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A popular yet confusing theory claims that all the world’s leaders aren’t actually human but reptilian lizard people. Why the lizard people want to run human affairs and how they rose to power is beyond our understanding. 

Microchipped Vaccines

Dr. vaccinating an older female patient.
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The COVID pandemic created a pantheon of new crazy conspiracy theories, but some claim it was designed to implant microchips into the population via vaccine. 

People who believe this have never seen the needle vets use to microchip our pets. 

Flat Earth

The Earth at night from outer space.
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What started as satire quickly morphed into a full-fledged belief. People genuinely believe in the flat Earth, claiming the bible supports a flat Earth and the world governments hide the truth to horde the resources in Antarctica. 

Copernicus proved the Earth was round with math centuries ago. Let it go, folks. 

Windmills Cause Cancer

Giant windmills in a modern windmill farm.
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Some folks will do and say anything to avoid a switch to clean energy. It’s worse when they get a segment of the population to believe these ridiculous lies. 

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