How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

After booking the venue, sending out invites, finding the perfect floral arrangements for your special day surrounded by friends and family, and of course, a good DJ to help keep the party alive, who in the world is planning your honeymoon? While it’s easy to get caught up in the wedding planning itself, honeymoon planning shouldn’t be forgotten. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and certainly keep these honeymoon ideas on a budget in mind.

To make your honeymoon dreams come true, we’ve gathered some of the best tried and true honeymoon planning tips. Wondering how to plan your honeymoon on a budget? Look no further than our expert advice (and Piggy’s money-saving tools !).

9 Honeymoon Planning Tips To Make Your Dream Honeymoon a Reality

1. Budget it

If it’s a priority, you’ll make it happen. Asking yourself how to plan a honeymoon on a budget? Start by making your budget. The best plan involving money is one that is well thought out. When planning for your special day, don’t forget your special trip. Rumor has it; newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon, just the two of them, as much as the wedding day itself. For starters, including your honeymoon budget in the overall wedding budget will help you make it happen.


Word of wisdom: Budget is not synonymous with either cheap or chintzy. Your honeymoon on a budget can be one of the most extravagant trips you’ll ever take if you plan for it a bit in advance. You can still maximize your honeymoon while adhering to a budget!

2. Stay Closer to Home

Who said honeymoons have to be on the beach or in some rainforest? Some of the best honeymoon ideas on a budget are the least conventional ones. Consider a house exchange or hiking in a new area. Take your car or the train (where applicable) rather than heading to the airport. There are tons of options for romantic getaways right here in the US, you might be surprised at what you can find!

3. Book Now, Save Later

Almost always, the budget-friendly honeymoon is the one that’s booked in advance. Booking ahead of time will help you save on accommodation and airfare and help you spread out your spending a bit.

Plan your honeymoon in stages. “This month we’ll book our airfare” sort of logic, “and next month we’ll secure our accommodation.” You certainly don’t have to pay for the entirety of your trip upfront.

4. Shop Travel Coupons

Any good travel deal starts with a travel coupon. Consider planning your honeymoon from A-Z on a budget using travel coupons. You’ll find excellent savings on travel accessories, like luggage and overnight bags, car rentals, and accommodations. Always remember to start with a travel coupon to help make planning your honeymoon on a budget even easier.

5. Use Your Rewards Points

A true budget-friendly honeymoon includes excellent discounts in several shapes and forms. Cash in on any credit card points or frequent flyer miles to help keep your out-of-pocket costs minimal.

You can even consider opening a line of credit for all of your wedding expenses and then use those points to help offset some of your honeymoon expenses. Yes, your wedding might be able to pay for some of your honeymoon!

6. Create a Honeymoon Registry

Keep the home goods to a minimum and create a registry directly for your honeymoon. Not sure what you need exactly, but you know you want to get away? Create a fundraising page for your next great adventure and ask your friends and family to help chip in. Wedding gifts are great, but memories last a lifetime.

7. Travel During The Off-Season

Weddings are often on Friday or Saturday, so the honeymoon usually begins on Sunday; albeit, Sundays are often one of the most expensive days to travel. Don’t feel constrained by this stereotypical timeline!

Consider planning your honeymoon in the off-season to stay within budget. Look not only at your day of departure but also the time of year. What about a honeymoon in February, September, or October? You can take a honeymoon any time of the year, no matter when you have your wedding.

8. Book Cheap, Off-Hour Flights

The beauty of being on vacation is that you’re able to be more flexible. One of the keys to planning a honeymoon on a budget is flexibility. Consider booking your flights during off-hours to get the best deals. Avoid rush hours and weekend flights to find the best deals on airfare. You should also learn the best hacks to book cheap flights too. If your plans include airfare, knowing the insider hacks is how you’ll truly plan your budget honeymoon!

9. Take a Mini-Moon

Rent a room for a few days rather than the classic 7-day getaway. Take time to find the best deals on hotels and short-term rentals so that you can spend your savings on other simple pleasures. Better yet, break your honeymoon up into two separate occasions; an extended weekend here and another one there. Who said you have to have one 7-day trip to pull off your honeymoon successfully?

Plan Your Honeymoon on a Budget

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