Skills of the Future You Should Start Learning Now

Advancements in technology and artificial intelligence will disrupt the job market. It’s not a matter of if but of when. 

Some jobs will be relevant longer than others, and some skills will become increasingly important as technology continues to advance. 

While scrolling through the R/askreddit community, I encountered a thread asking users to anticipate the most desirable skills in this changing landscape. 

Here are some skills of the future you should consider learning to stay employable as we navigate these shifts. 

Critical Thinking

We’ve already seen the massive impact false information makes on social media. People believe the bots, propaganda, and ridiculous theories floating around the interwebs without a second thought. 

One user said critical thinking skills would become increasingly important as technology advances. 

“Someone has to check that the machines, AI, etc., are not producing an absurd answer. Even if it’s just random checks or checking the really important things,” they said. 

Interpersonal Skills

Knowing how to interact with real people will be a highly sought-after skill in the future. 

“As more work gets automated, there’s always going to be a need for people who can design or fix the robots, and there’s always going to be a need for people who are nice to be around. The need for human connection is never going away,” stated one user. 

It’s also a skill in decline, as many prefer hiding behind our computer screens to interacting with real people. 

Cyber Security

As more and more of our lives and jobs move online, the need to secure them will only continue to grow. 

Although some feared AI could do cybersecurity better than humans, others said relying solely on technology to secure our online lives could be dangerous. 

“You don’t want to hand off your security to an AI. You want a human factor just in case,” predicted one user. 


AI won’t be able to come into our homes and offices and fix broken things anytime soon. One Redditor said DIY home improvement skills will still be in demand. 

“People fixing plumbing, parquet, tiles, cleaning gutters can make a lot of money,” they said, adding that fewer and fewer people know how to do stuff like this on their own. 


Trades are highly specialized and likely won’t be replaced by AI anytime soon. Electricians, elevator technicians, and mechanics will be needed for decades to come. 

“There already is a major shortage. And very few young people choosing trades,” said one user. 

“Trade jobs are the last to undergo that change. What’s ironic is that complex physical jobs aren’t easy to automate,” said another. 

Software Development

Software development is more than programming; a position often thought to be on the chopping block when AI gets going. 

One user said, “The subjective part of software dev” will be slow to automate because  “Understanding process and use cases is super important, and requires a lot of subjective understanding.”

“Those who write the software are basically obsolete already, while those who design the software are going to be in more demand than ever because it’ll be so cheap to implement their designs,” added another. 


A robot can’t replace the human touch a real nurse provides. 

“The human connection will always be in demand. We didn’t evolve for hundreds of thousands of years and can just suddenly decide empathy, connection, and interpersonal growth no longer matters,” said one user, describing why nursing will last. 

The medicine part of nursing may get automated, but the connection part will be around for a long time. 

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Mental health is one of the most complex fields of medicine, making it difficult to automate. And much like in nursing, robots can’t replicate the empathy and human connection required to work with people struggling with mental illness.

Data Analyst

Most basic data analyst work can be fed into AI models, but the ability to dig deeper than the surface-level data will likely still be an in-demand human skill. 

“Being able to take data and find meaningful trends or valuable information is already in high demand. Plus, it’s not just “Oh, what is the highest correlation between variables” It’s recognizing when you need to dig deeper or being able to recognize that data is bad and can’t be used,” said one user, explaining why AI can’t replace humans in all data analyst fields. 


Technology changes at an exponential rate, meaning those who can quickly adapt to that change are best suited for jobs of the future. 

“The ability to adapt to change and pivot accordingly,” answered one user, adding, “There are skills that’ll be in demand in 5 years that aren’t even things yet.”

“The ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and changes in work will also be an important skill in the future,” said another. 

More Skills of the Future?

Redditors in this thread gave a great list of jobs and skills that will remain relevant. What would you add?