Booking a Camping Trip This Summer? Consider One of the Top-Rated Camping States in the US

If you’re considering camping this summer, head to one of the states that made Adventures on the Rock’s top 10 list!


The Devils Tower behind a pretty field
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Wyoming is the best place for camping, according to the study. The Cowboy state features more RV parks than any other state and offers an abundance of both free and paid campsites. The state is also home to one of the most iconic National Parks in the Country: Yellowstone. 

In addition, Wyoming features the third-highest amount of hiking trails of any state, with 350 per 100,000 residents. Of course, the low population density also makes Wyoming a perfect place to visit for some quiet solitude out in the wilderness. 

 A spokesperson for Adventures on the Rock commented, “As spring continues to bloom, campers may want to consider a trip to The Cowboy State if they are looking for their next adventure.”


Landscape photo in Montana's Glacier National Park
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Montana has the highest number of hiking trails per 100,000 residents and the second-highest number of campsites and RV parks. 

In addition, Montana features Glacier National Park, one of the country’s most beautiful and remote national parks. It’s the perfect place for a less crowded natural adventure. 

New Mexico

red rocks in New Mexico
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New Mexico ranked third on the list due to its high number of campsites and extraordinary biodiversity. It ranked third for free campsites, 7 for paid campsites, and fourth for biodiversity, featuring over 4500 species of plants and animals for nature lovers to enjoy. 


Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho
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Campers may flock to Idaho to avoid the rain. The state ranked 9th on the list of lowest annual rainfall, which is surprising as it’s not a desert state. 

The state also has the fourth-highest number of free campsites and ranks 9th in the number of hiking trails relative to population.


rural Vermont scenery in the fall
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Campers in the North East should look to the Green Mountain State if they don’t want to travel far for a camping adventure

Vermont has the second-highest number of hiking trails relative to population and seventh highest number of RV parks. 

South Dakota

The Badlands South Dakota at sunrise
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The western portion of South Dakota features the badlands, the black hills, and the iconic monument to our favorite presidents: Mount Rushmore. 

It also has 75 hiking trails per 100,000 residents, 17 RV parks, and 45 campsites. 


Zion National Park at sunset
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For a smaller state, Utah sure does pack a punch. It ranks third in the total number of National Parks, behind only California and Alaska, two states with far more mileage.  

Camp in Utah and visit Arches, Bryce Canyon, or Zion while enjoying the 212 hiking trails per 100,000 residents and minimal rainfall. Utah had the second-lowest annual average of any state.

New Hampshire

Sunset in White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire
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New Hampshire is another excellent camping option for Northeasterners. The Granite State ranked 8th on the list overall but had the fourth-highest number of hiking trails and ninth-highest amount of national parks and landmarks per 1,000 square miles. 


Maroon Bells in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
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The Rocky Mountain state barely eeked into the top 10, but it features one of the most iconic National Parks in the country: Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado has the sixth-highest number of free campsites per 100,000 residents, the tenth-highest number of hiking trails, and the seventh-lowest average rainfall (which may not count the snowfall!)

North Dakota

Sunrise over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
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North Dakota ranked tenth on the list, but many high scores can be attributed to the low population. 

North Dakota has the sixth highest number of campsites and tenth highest number of RV parks per 100,000 residents but is also the 4th least populated state, behind two others that also made the top ten list. 


man analyzing big map of data
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Adventures on the Rock analyzed ten factors in conducting their study, including the number of national parks and landmarks relative to square mileage and the number of hiking trails, RV parks, and campsites relative to population. 

Because the data were ranked based on population, sparsely populated states had better chances of ranking high. Crowded states like California also offer abundant camping opportunities, but their high population densities in cities forced them lower on the list. 

The study also included factors like fuel prices, yearly average rainfall, and biodiversity.

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