Enjoy Stunning Natural Scenery at One of These Gorgeous National Parks

Are you planning a trip to one of America’s majestic national parks this year? Here are the top parks you won’t want to miss for genuinely stunning views!

Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch on a clear day with trees and lawn of the park in the foreground.
Photo Credit: Patricia Elaine Thomas via Shutterstock.com.

Missouri claims the gateway to the West, and its iconic arches lead the way. Gateway Arch National Park takes first place as the most Instagrammable national park in the country. 

It’s a small national park. The arches rest on less than 100 acres and are nestled within Missouri’s gateway city, St. Louis. 

Bryce Canyon National Park

Landscape in Bryce Canyon National Park Utah.
Photo Credit: silky via Shutterstock.com.

Utah’s Bryce Canyon ranked in the top ten of overall Instagram hashtags but boasts the second-highest number of hashtags per acre. 

The steep red cliffs make perfect backdrops for Instagram photo shoots. 

Acadia National Park

The sea meets the rockey coast sprinkled with shrubbery at Acadia National Park in Maine.
Photo Credit: Eric Urquhart via Shutterstock.com.

Maine’s rocky beaches and granite peaks offer photographers fantastic photo shoots. Acadia National Park highlights the best of these, with nearly 50,000 acres of Maine wilderness to explore. 

Zion National Park

Person walking through the Narrows at Zion National Park.
Photo Credit: Galyna Andrushko via Shutterstock.com.

Zions three wise men and Narrows offer a wide range of instagrammable shots. Photographers can showcase the vast wilderness with the distant mountains or highlight the sheer cliffs while hiking through the canyons of the Narrows. 

Arches National Park

The iconic arch at Arches National Park in Utah.
Photo Credit: Josemaria Toscano via Shutterstock.com.

It’s no surprise that three of Utah’s impressive national parks take spots in the top five. The arches’ fantastic canyon views and rocky dunes make it a perfect place to stop and take photos. 

Hot Springs National Park

Small waterfall at Arkansas's hot springs national park.
Photo Credit: Zack Frank via Shutterstock.com.

Arkansas’s Hot Springs National Park is the perfect place to soak up sunny rays while enjoying the warm waters of a natural pool. The hot springs make a perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots. 

Hot Springs ties for 6th place with the next park on our list. 

Haleakalā National Park

Barren mountain landscape at haleakala National Park in Hawaii.
Photo Credit: Steven Phraner via Shutterstock.com.

Maui reigns supreme as a top locale for romantic getaways, but the Island’s national park offers a different view. The barren mountain landscape in Haleakalā provides a stark contrast to the tropical paradise Maui is known for. 

American Samoa National Park

Tropical beach scene in American Samoa National Park.
Photo Credit: Danita Delimont via Shutterstock.com.

You’ll have to travel quite a ways to explore the eighth-ranked park on our list, but it will be well worth the trip. 

Based across the four islands making up America Samoa, the park features over 8,000 acres of wild land in the heart of the Pacific Islands. 

Indiana Dunes National Park

beachfront at Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes National Park.
Photo Credit: PhotosByLarissaB via Shutterstock.com.

A lesser-known National Park off the coast of Lake Michigan gives Instagrammers fantastic shots of sandy beaches. 

Yosemite National Park

Photo taken in Yosemite National Park of river with trees on either side - one of the best places to visit in the US

California’s iconic Yosemite National Park rounds out the top ten. The iconic half-dome mountain towers over the landscape, begging Instagrammers to take photos. 


man analyzing big map of data
Photo Credit: NicoElNino via Shutterstock.com.

The travel information site Places To Travel examined Instagram hashtag data and the size of each US national park to find the one with the highest ‘hashtags per acre.’  

The biased method gives smaller parks a distinct advantage, which is the likely reason we see places like Gateway rank so high. 

However, the study does highlight some lesser known National Parks you may not have considered visiting. These parks feature fantastic views and fewer crowds, making them better options for your next vacation. 

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