My Boyfriend Sucks With Money – A Person’s Worth

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My Boyfriend Sucks With Money

Hey everyone! Welcome to the third installment of our new podcast “My Boyfriend Sucks with Money!”.  We did a fun thing this time around and decided start naming our podcasts instead of just numbering them. A revolutionary concept right? Today we are discussing a person’s worth.

A Person’s Worth

We decided to talk about a person’s worth today because we both believe that society sometimes values incomes and job titles over a person’s character. This topic is very important to us and our relationship because we have very different incomes, and that can sometimes affect relationship dynamics (though we both try hard to not let that happen. In tonight’s podcast, we talk about a person’s intrinsic value and we also discuss what it truly means to be successful.  Give it a listen and let us know if you agree with our idea of success!



Lessons Learned

We both think this was our best podcast yet! Not only did we do an awesome recap of last week’s podcast (with some cool stats and all!) but we also discussed important topics that I really hope will resonate with a lot of listeners. Another big win is that we got better about not using comfort words or interrupting each other! I also think that naming the episode was a nice addition;  listeners are getting a sneak peak of the topic before even clicking link! Let’s hope they like the topic!

We still have a few kinks to work out though. The main thing is that we want to add a few interesting segments to each show, which will give listeners some structure and ensure that they know what to expect for future podcasts. One of my favorite ideas for a segment is “Stupid things Brian has done with Money”, where Brian would describe stupid money decision that he’s made in the past. We are still trying to decide what will be the right fit though. 


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