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My Boyfriend Sucks with Money – Budgeting

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Wow wow wow. Talk about therapeutic! This budgeting episode of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money could double as a couple’s therapy session for us! We get super personal in discussing sacrifices that I make to ensure our financial security, and delve more into Brian’s relationship with money. 


In this episode, we take an extremely close look at Brian’s budget. We disclose how much money he makes each paycheck and discuss his monthly bills. If you want to know exactly how much money someone makes and exactly what they are spending it on, this is the episode for you! We get extremely personal here, and I admire Brian’s complete honesty and vulnerability. 

We also re-visit the importance of having an emergency fund. Brian is terrified of having money left over at the end of each paycheck, which I find incredibly shocking. His relationship with money seems to be “if I have it, it needs to be spent”.  There is no paying yourself first, or making sure that you will be able to cover an emergency. There are no thoughts of saving for big purchases either. He’d rather spend his money now on something crappy than wait for three paychecks to pay for something decent that he really wants. That just boggles my mind!

On that note, this week’s stupid money decision is way too similar to last weeks. The best part of this one is that he didn’t even have his paycheck for 12 hours before spending money on stupid stuff. I think you will all really enjoy this episode, give it a listen!

Lessons Learned

Brian did a much better job of not interrupting me this time! I think it’s important to acknowledge that recording a podcast isn’t just talking; it’s knowing when to talk and when to let the other person finish. That’s not always an easy thing to do, since conversation flows differently in a natural conversation. 

We do think that this was one of the best podcasts yet in regards to our sound quality. We finally found a recording position that doesn’t make it sound like Brian is yelling while I’m whispering! I’m naturally a quieter person, while he’s naturally louder, so getting the sound setting correct has been a constant challenge. 

We do know that we still need to set up a better recording studio. The room we are currently working in is still has a bad echo, and the microphone picks up a lot of ambient noise. This time it was the dog barking instead of the cat meowing! You can’t win. Maybe we will use any Patreon donations to help us build a better recording studio!  

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  1. Very well written! I look forward listening to this episode and learning just how bad Brian is with money! Keep up the great work guys.

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