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My Boyfriend Sucks with Money – Gender and Money

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to the fifth episode of “My Boyfriend Sucks with Money”. Today we will be talking about gender and money.

Gender and Money

While there is so much that can be said about gender and money, our focus during this podcast was to discuss it in regards to our relationship. We discuss the fact that I am the higher earner, and we talk about how each of us feels about that. During the discussion, Brian may realize that some of the things he does are because of societal expectations of gender roles! You are also going to love Brian’s stupid money decision of the week.  Listen to find out more!


Lessons Learned

Both of us were a bit grumpy while recording this podcast, could you tell? We would have preferred to wait until we were in better moods, but unfortunately our schedules wouldn’t let us. Sometimes you just have to keep pushing despite a bad mood to get stuff done!

We have improved so much since our first podcast. We are both more comfortable talking to the microphone and we are learning to not talk over each other. Podcast wins! I’m surprised that it only took us a few episodes to start improving. It’s a learning process, but we are getting there. 

We also realized that I don’t only have to answer finance questions. People can ask me anything! It’s more fun that way, and a fun way for you awesome listeners to get to know us better. And, if you have a question that you’d like to have featured on My Boyfriend Sucks With Money, feel free to ask in the comment section!


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