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My Boyfriend Sucks With Money – Making Ends Meet

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Hey all and welcome to the fourth episode of “My Boyfriend Sucks With Money”! In this episode, we are discussing making ends meet, and that tied into the importance of an emergency fund. 

Making Ends Meet

This topic was extremely important considering that Brian (the boyfriend who sucks with money!) has been out of work for a few weeks. How did he get by without a paycheck?  What money making opportunities did he explore while looking for full time work? There are plenty of options available to people in this situation, and today we are going over a few of them. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

We also discussed how important it is to have an emergency fund so you don’t have to resort to some of the drastic money making ideas we talk about! When Brian gets his first paycheck, we are going to start one for him! 

We added a new segment this episode, called “Stupid money decisions Brian has made”. It was a great week to start with this segment, because he made a horrible horrible money decision earlier this week. Let’s just say I was beyond angry! Listen to find out what it was:

Lessons Learned

We think we are getting much better at this whole podcasting thing. We only needed to edit a few minutes off of “making ends meet” (sorry Patreons!) . Unfortunately, we do still struggle with talking over each other, but this time we noticed it early on and stopped. We just get too excited!

Another thing that we are learning to do is write out some notes before starting the podcast. This helps us stay focused and ensures that we hit on the major topics that we want to hit on. For “Making Ends Meet”, I wrote out a list of the side hustles that Brian and I discussed over the past few weeks, and I remembered to talk about each one!


If you missed last week’s episode, where we discussed “A Person’s Worth”,  check it out here!




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