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My Boyfriend Sucks With Money – Moving Sucks

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Did we tell you that we are moving? I’m sure we mentioned it once or twice. So today, on My Boyfriend Sucks with Money, we are discussing just how much moving sucks, because moving is basically my life right now.

Moving Sucks

Moving is expensive, it’s hard, and its time consuming. Why are we doing this again? Oh that’s right, better jobs and cheaper houses! Tonight we talk about all the things that we’ve been doing this past week to get ready for our big move, and what are plans are for our first few months in Pennsylvania. It’s going to be tough, but we will get through it!



Lessons Learned

It was hard to focus on a podcast after six days of not seeing each other. As a result, this podcast is bit more conversational, like our first few podcasts were. That’s just because we missed each other so much and were super happy to be talking to each other.  It’s also a little sappier than usual – which I think is an improvement from the grumpiness of last week! It will be hard to mitigate these things, especially with Brian’s work schedule and the fact that we will be doing it long distance in the not too distant future. Hopefully with practice we will get better at it, but if not you will all get to listen to our lovey-dovey sappiness during every podcast! Exciting, right?


I’m not going to lie, some parts of this podcast got a bit weird! We cut out the part about Stephen Hawking’s clone, but if you are super interested in Brian’s crazy conspiracy theories, you can find that and all of our other unedited content on our Patreon page! Tier 2 Patreons also get access to our exclusive discord channel! 


Did you miss last week’s episode of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money? Listen to it here!

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  1. I’m impressed! There’s no way my wife and I could talk this long on a pod cast! Ours would involve many awkward silences… you two are talented! Keep it up!

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