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My Boyfriend Sucks with Money – Bad Money Decisions

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Welcome to episode 11 of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money! Today, we are talking about bad money decisions that have haunted Brian for most of his life. 

Bad Money Decisions

The really bad money decisions that Brian made throughout his life all come down to him sticking his head in the sand. He ignored some of his problems in the hopes that things would just work themselves out. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. Ignoring problems tend to make them worse. Brian had an experience this week that really hammered this lesson home (we hope!). 

This experience also helped Brian understand how important it really is to have an emergency fund. If I didn’t have an emergency fund and if I wasn’t willing to help him out, he would be really screwed. He is now putting aside money every pay check in an emergency fund to make sure he will be able to take care of himself. 

Listen to find out what happened:

Podcast Notes

We had a really interesting problem while recording this podcast.  Apparently, if your computer doesn’t have a lot of free space, it will stop recording and storing new files. We realized while recording that Audacity, the program we use to record, was swiftly running out of space. We had to to end the podcast rather abruptly – and even then it wouldn’t save! So we had to go through the hard drive to clean it up and get rid of some of the programs we don’t use anymore. So sorry about the abrupt ending!

We are getting better about not talking over each other (though we still make some mistakes). Unfortunately Brian is still a lot louder than I am and we haven’t been able to find the perfect setting to mitigate that. I do think it’s a lot better than it was in the past though – so we are getting there!

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