My Boyfriend Sucks with Money – Episode 2

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My Boyfriend Sucks With Money

Hey Guys! Welcome to episode two of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money! Episode 1 was obviously a break away hit, so here we are again!

Episode 2

Our second episode was supposed to be about tracking our spending. We did cover that topic a bit, but unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way of our plans. Brian lost his job the week before, and so he didn’t have much spending to track. He was good about being careful with the money he does have, but that was because he knew he needed to be. The point of the spending tracking exercise was to show him how he needlessly spends money when he’s not worrying about money, so that will have to wait until  he gets a new job.

We did talk a little about about tracking our spending, but then we segued into the job loss. Brian and I discussed unemployment insurance, seeking help, and job hunting. Listen to the full podcast here:



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Lessons Learned

The second episode of my boyfriend sucks with money was our first attempt at sticking to a main topic. Unfortunately, we didn’t do very well with that. We both got distracted and talked a bit too much about unrelated things. We know that in the future, we have to do a better job of staying on point. I do think that we did a decent job of acknowledging it in this podcast, and giving a reason for straying from the main topic. The episode and conversation flowed very well, which is a huge plus. However, we did advertise that we were going to be talking about tracking spending, and due to our life changes we weren’t able to give that subject the full coverage it deserved. Staying on topic is something we are going to focus on for future episodes.

We are also still very bad about talking over each other. To combat that, we are going to use hand signals and leading questions.  Another minor flaw is our idiosyncrasies. I tend to drag my words out a bit too much when I’m thinking of what to say next, and Brian uses comfort words. It’s fascinating that we have these two different methods of stalling, but we know it can be distracting so we are both going to work on that for future podcasts. This is a learning experience for both of us, so we are figuring it out as we go.  We also hope that you can learn from our challenges and not make the same mistakes when you first start podcasting! It’s a win for everyone!

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    1. hahahha! But I”m the one who said that and he corrected me! I clarified that what I meant is that your employer pays into on your behalf. But he’s an amazing bf, and he’s open to learning how to manage his money and that is all that really matters.

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