my boyfriend sucks with money

My Sister Also Sucks With Money

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Hey Partners! Welcome to Episode 7 of My Boyfriend Sucks with Money! Today, we have two special guest stars, my sister who also sucks with money and her boyfriend (who is super quiet). 

My Sister Also Sucks with Money

My sister has made some horrible financial decisions in her life, and she’s always able to justify these to herself. Her mental gymnastics are fantastic! The best illustration of how much my sister also sucks with money is her crazy truck payment, which we talk about on this week’s episode of My Sister Sucks with Money. Give it a listen and see what I’m dealing with folks!

Lessons Learned

Trying to do a podcast with four people in the same room isn’t easy. We have a hard enough time not talking over each other when it was just the two of us! We did tell them about the best practices and lessons learned before we started, and I think going over those rules really helped ensure it went smoothly. There are few instances of us talking over each other- win! 

We also learned that we have to work harder with the microphone settings when we have two loud people and two soft spoken people. My sister is even louder than Brian! Did you guys know it was possible for someone to be louder than him? Between that and how echo-y my dad’s house was, the sound quality on this podcast wasn’t the best. We did our best while editing it, but it still sounds a bit airy. 


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