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My Boyfriend Sucks with Money – Starting Over

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My Boyfriend Sucks with Money is Back! We are starting over in our quest to teach Brian how to have a positive relationship with money, and this episode is all about that.

Starting Over

When we started this podcast, the goal was to teach my boyfriend, who is terrible with money if you haven’t noticed, how to not suck with money. But unfortunately, we weren’t really able to do that at first. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Brian lost his job, and we decided to move right as he was getting back on track. Those life situations sure did make for some great podcast content though!

But now we are starting over, both with the podcast and with teaching Brian some positive money skills. It’s not going to be easy. He made a really bad money decision this week that made me wonder if he’d learned anything recording these podcasts. But it has been awhile, and it’s super easy to revert to old habits. Being disciplined takes a lot of commitment! I think he’s learning that.

We also talk about what starting over means, and how that will look moving forward. It’s fun play on words too, because we are basically starting the podcast over along with it! Get it? Ok, I’m done now. Starting over means starting from scratch. We are going back to the basics now that we have some stability in our lives! We talked a little bit about budgeting and the importance of emergency funds, things which we will go into detail on in future episodes. 

But mostly we talk about his stupid money decision! Have a listen:

Lessons Learned

Unfortunately, we are starting over in the sense of learning how to podcast too. I can hear a lot of the old habits that we had squashed by episode 3 or 4 coming back into full view during the recording of this podcast! The worst is Brian’s habit of interrupting me.  He was getting so much better about it, and in this episode he’s just all over the place again. We’ve also gone back to using some comfort words and stumbling over ourselves a bit. We are clearly a little rusty, and I think if we start recording regularly those things will get better. 

Another limitation right now is that we don’t have a good studio or room to record in. The podcast quality isn’t as great as we’d like it to be because of that. We also have a special guest star making an appearance during this episode, my wonderful cat who wouldn’t stop crying (unless we stopped recording, of course). Unfortunately we don’t have a way to keep him locked out of the living room, or a way to prevent his cries from getting picked up on the microphone. But, as a consolation for that, here’s a picture of the little jerk.

Sorry, he’s needy

I hope you enjoy the podcast!


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