11 Reasons to Re-Elect Biden in 2024

We live in a bizarre multiverse where the political spectrum seems to have inverted upon itself. The more Donald Trump is indicted for crimes and charged with felonies, the more popular he becomes. In the meantime, Joe Biden is ridiculed as too old and stupid to be President. At the same time, he continuously cleans up the mess left behind by the former President while providing excellent leadership skills in almost every facet of his Presidency.  

A Rocky Start

An angry protestor shouting on Jan 6, 2021 at the protest in Washington DC.
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No other President, including Washington or Lincoln, ever came to office under such duress. Biden was sworn in as President just days after former President Trump encouraged a riot and insurrection of the United States Capitol, hoping to overturn the Presidential election and stay in power through lies, coercion, and force. Had Trump been successful, the resulting turmoil would have sent shock waves around the world and decimated American democracy.

Biden Navigated the Country Out of COVID

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Biden’s American rescue program helped navigate the country out of the Corona virus pandemic. It included a $1400.00 per person stimulus payment and a $300 boost to weekly unemployment benefits. The plan received zero support from Republicans yet has been hailed as a decisive action that began to aid in America’s recovery from the pandemic.

Biden Ended the War in Afghanistan

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Controversy surrounded Biden’s decision to end the two-decade conflict in which 2,324 Americans had died while serving.  The process has been described as chaos, and 13 more Americans and over 100 afghanis died in the process. However, the potential loss of American lives had the war continued could have been staggering, as well as the cost to implement the war.

Biden Supported Ukraine Against  Russia and Putin

Belgrade, Serbia - January 17, 2019 : Vladimir Putin, the President Russia attending press conference.
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For months before Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration warned the country of Vladimir Putin’s plan of aggression. During that time, the Biden administration engaged with American allies all over the World, including NATO, devising plans to counter the Russian aggression. Biden’s foresight crippled Russia’s economy once the war started, and America’s ongoing military support impeded Russia’s ability to conquer the Ukraine.

Biden’s Leadership has Calmed World Markets and Stabilized Foreign Relationships

Then candidate Joe Biden gives a speech on the campaign trail in 2020.
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The Trump policies of embracing foreign dictators such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a chilling effect on American Allies. America is the leader of the free world, and Biden immediately reassured friends and foes alike that America would not waver in its commitment to democracy.

It’s the Economy Stupid

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Whoever won the 2020 election was going to face an economic downturn. Inflation was bound to skyrocket because the American industrial and agricultural machine, as well as its counterparts all over the world, slowed to a drip during the height of the Pandemic. However, the numbers show that Biden’s policies have begun to usher in a recovery. Unemployment has been cut in half, real wages have increased, and productivity is rising. Americans still feel the pain, but the medicine is beginning to kick in.

Juneteenth National Independence Day Act

Decorations celebrating the newest federal holiday Juneteenth.
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Sometimes forgotten are Presidential acts with enormous meaning and consequence when commemorating certain events in American history. President Biden signed into law a bill dedicating June 19th as a Federal holiday observing the end of slavery.   

The China Syndrome

portion of the Great Wall of China.
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In a bizarre decision to villainize the Chinese (America’s Largest trading partner), Trump needlessly derailed a relationship that is vital to America’s interests.  Biden has made it a point to engage and renew a partnership with China that benefits both nations without abandoning America’s support for Taiwan or the issue of China’s theft of American technology. These challenging issues are vital to the interests of both nations.

Hamas Attacks Israel

Smoke from an Israeli attack in the Gaza strip, Oct 2023.
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Another foreign crisis in which President Biden has stepped to the forefront and shown America’s commitment to defending Israel in the face of a malicious, unprovoked slaughter of Israeli people by the renowned terrorist group.  Even Republicans acknowledge the enormous pressure of navigating a conflict that has every possibility of turning into a full-fledged Middle Eastern war. Biden immediately sent warships to the area and engaged American diplomacy, showing would be aggressors (namely Iran) that the United States was ready to defend Israel and that the Jewish nation had every right to protect itself.

The Border Crisis

The US-Mexian border in Arizona.
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The border crisis has stumped administrations for years, and it’s definitely a drag on the Biden administration. He needs to do better, but in all fairness, he’s continuously stymied by  Republican resistance who failed miserably under Trump’s “Build a Wall” initiative and refuse to help Biden pass meaningful legislation to address the problem.

Easy to Forget when Bombarded with Negative Press

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Biden is bombarded with negative press daily. He’s been called old and demented, senile, bumbling, sleepy Joe, Brandon, A lackey for his son, and a man with no vision. Some of these criticisms may be fair, while others border on sour grapes. Fair-minded people need to look at the accomplishments, not the bravado. Unlike the former President, Biden doesn’t brag about doing his job; he doesn’t think in those terms. He does what he thinks is best unapologetically and unceremoniously.  You may hate him based on partisan talking points, but don’t be too quick to dismiss his accomplishments or leadership. He’s done well.

The Terrifying Plan for if He Loses

The US Constitution rolled up with the "we the People" showing at the top. It's resting on an American flag.
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Here’s a brief summary of Project 2025. the Republican’s plan for if they win the election. See for yourself why it’s so dangerous and goes against everything America stands for, and ask again why you should vote Biden. 

House Speaker Admits Anti-Abortion Stance isn’t About The Unborn

Congressman Mike Johnson sitting on a committee meeting before his election as speaker of the house.
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They only view women as incubators, not as people. See his comments here

Is America Actually Dystopian?

Panaoramic of a city with the top mirroring the bottom in a fantastical manner.
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Although there are many fantastic things about living in the US, some of our systems and laws leave many scratching their heads, wondering if we’re already living in a dystopian nightmare. 

Here’s the evidence that makes us wonder if America is actually a dystopia.  

Are You Smart Enough To Spot The Propaganda?

Man with a tv head playing puppet master to a group of smaller people with tvs for heads.
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Propaganda surrounds us. It attempts to sway our thinking in both mundane and critical ways. Here are some examples of propaganda we see every day.

We’re So Tired of Explaining these Basic Concepts To Others

Close up of an annoyed, frustrated woman holding her hands up in rage.
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Sometimes, people just can’t understand basic ideas. We explain these concepts to others until our faces turn blue, yet they still can’t grasp them.