Full-Time Worker and College Grad Can’t Even Afford Fast Food

Fast food used to be a staple. It’s cheap, filling, and an easy way to fill your belly when you don’t have a lot of money.

The gold old days of fast food are over. 

He Should Have Financial Security

One person came to the internet lamenting the outrageous spike in prices. Everything costs far more than it did even a few years ago, and fast food is one of the biggest culprits. 

I am a full-time videographer at a TV station,” the Original Poster (OP) began, adding that they’re also a college graduate. 

“I make fairly good wages and live in a fairly cheap area. I barely go out, I don’t make big purchases, and all the food I buy is store-brand,” they continued. 

“By any reasonable standard, I should be in the middle class. If the American dream were real, I would be able to buy a house if I felt like it.”

 But He Can’t Even Afford McDonalds

Despite doing everything right, OP can’t even afford to stop at a fast food restaurant after a grueling shift. 

He finally got off work at 10 PM, starving after skipping the meal break due to all the running around on the job. 

OP told his coworker he might stop and grab Mcdonalds on his way home. 

“Can you afford it?” she asked. 

No, he can’t afford it. 

To Streched for Fast Food

OP shared that between rent, utilities, the car note, gas, and some medical bills, he has no money left in the budget for something as simple as fast food. 

Doing Everything Right

OP did everything right. He followed the script by attending a good college and pursuing a career. He has the best job he could find and lives in a reasonably low-cost area. 

He still can’t afford even a $20 luxury. 

I can’t imagine how everyone else is doing,” he says. 

Fast Food Prices Increases Insane

Many users commiserated and lamented the outrageous cost of fast food these days. 

It’s insane. You could’ve walked out of McD’s with burger, large fries, and drink for $3.09 in the same time that that federal minimum wage hasn’t changed, that same meal will cost you $14,” said one, comparing the rising food costs to stagnant wages. 

But Fast Food Only a Symptom

The rising costs of fast food are only a symptom of a more significant problem. Everything is going up in price except labor. 

When people can’t afford fast food, they also can’t afford to save for emergencies or fund retirement accounts. They can’t afford luxury spending, ultimately creating layoffs and store closures, leading to a vicious cycle. 

Something Needs To Give

The current marriage of rampant inflation with stagnant wages is reaching its breaking point. Something needs to give before it’s too late and the US spirals into a new depression. 

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