House of Dysfunction: Turmoil in the House of Representatives Highlights Disregard for the American Public

To admonish the United States of America’s representatives as an arrogant group of prepubescent children engaged in silly games of brinkmanship would be nothing more than a self-serving attempt at shaming a body of elected officials whose boundaries know no shame.

In my many years of observing the antics of politics in general and this congress in particular, I’ve never encountered people with no morals, no sense of obligation to the country, and no particular sense of urgency to govern. 

 I’m sure you’re thinking I’m about to castigate the House Republicans for their unique brand of idiocy and refusal to share a collective litter box by electing a speaker of the house.  

A House in Shambles

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not just the House Republicans; it’s the entire House of Representatives, including the staunchly united Democrats.

I contend that the collective elected body representing the American people in districts across this nation are the worst officials to ever grace the halls of Congress in any capacity, at any time in the history of The United States of America.  

The Horrific State of the World Abroad

At this very moment, there is a massive war between Russia and Ukraine. There was a hideous attack upon Israel by the terrorist group Hamas that has already claimed thousands of lives and may very well escalate into a full-blown Middle East conflict. 

Global warming is literally burning Americans out of their homes.  The Southern border is no longer an issue requiring a wall;  it’s a total catastrophe requiring dedicated, committed leadership from not only the President but also a sophisticated, engaged Congress.

And the Ever Worsening Crisis at Home

At home, Americans must earn at least 50,000 per year to live in a roach-filled apartment and treat themselves to McDonalds once a week.  The average car payment is over $700 per month; grocery bills are through the roof. Interest rates prevent even people with good credit from purchasing a home.  

Life expectancy in the United States has fallen.  Our kids won’t live as long as we will. Senior citizens are walking the streets looking for handouts to supplement Social Security, which experts say will run out in a few short years.  

Homelessness isn’t a problem; it’s the new lifestyle of Americans who can’t survive on minimum wage.  Half the country doesn’t have unions. The half that does is on strike begging for a living wage and some guarantee of security for the future.  

In the meantime, one-third of our government can’t even pick someone to hold a gavel and conduct the nation’s business.

Our Representatives Don’t Care

As a country, we are in terrible shape, and there isn’t one man or woman in the House of Representatives who cares. 

The Republicans have turned into some kind of cult, and the Democrats walk around with fingers pointed, screaming, “We told you so”! 

Shame on all of you! You WERE NOT elected to be Republicans or Democrats fighting for your individual power. 

You were elected to do the people’s business, to protect the nation’s interest in times of war, to find solutions to climate change, to pass fair legislation for legal entry into this country, to protect senior citizens, and do something to level the playing field so people can feed their children and live under a decent roof without working 80-hour weeks.  

That’s what you are supposed to do, and it’s time that We, the People, who are sick and tired of your collective politics, demand real leadership!