I’m a Man Disgusted by Modern Men’s Obsession with “Body Count”

Every few months, some bizarre new term or fad catches fire and becomes part of the American dialog.  A couple of years back, I was intrigued to learn of a new male condition called “Incel,”  a term used to describe men who have declared themselves involuntarily celibate because they felt attracting a female companion was much more difficult than they imagined.

A Word on Incels

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After reading a few testimonials from the so-called “Incels,” I realized that most of these people were rather lazy, self-delusional, emotionally underdeveloped little boys who lacked the ambition to find a suitable woman for companionship. 

The Newest Fade

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The newest term to infect our culture and make its rounds across the relationship spectrum is called “Body Count” and has become a dating checklist box. Guys routinely ask girls to give them a number representing the number of men they have had sexual relations with. 

It Goes Something Like This: 

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“Hey Mary, I’m delighted to meet you and thrilled you agreed to come to dinner. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you, but before we get started, just one thing: what’s your body count looking like at the present?”  

Weird right? 

Real Men Find it Absurd

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Obviously, not being a woman, I have no idea how a lady would feel about answering such a question, but as an older man, I certainly know what I think of any guy who would ask such a thing.   

What on earth do you think you’re going to accomplish? 

Offensive and Ridiculous

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The question itself is extremely insulting for a host of reasons, but namely because “It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” 

If that’s not good enough, try this on for size: Women have every right to date anyone they choose, just like men have done for, let’s see – FOREVER!

Re-Writing History

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Listening to some of these guys talk is hilarious.  “I wish the girls of today were more like my mom or grandmother.”

Oh, you mean like the girls from the 1960s and ’70s?  The sexual revolution, as it was called.  Dude, you are dreaming of some serious revisionist history.  

Trust me, some of the “Body Counts” from back in the day took an IBM mainframe to keep track of for both men and women.  The difference was those folks didn’t have the internet to brag about their exploits like the girls and guys do today.

What Do You Actually Want?

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So, my question to the guys obsessed with prying a body count number from a girl is: What is a passing number – one, five, fifty, or too many to count?  What if the answer is ZERO – a Virgin! 

Is that what you want?  Even with religious beliefs taken into consideration, virginity is just as much a sexual choice as being sexually active.  So, is that the goal of the “Body Count” question, to find a virgin?

Living in Fantasy Land

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That reminds me of an episode on an old television show called “Fantasy Island” where people would go on vacation and pay tons of money to have their fantasies provided. One episode told the story of a guy who dreamt his whole life about owning a harem of beautiful women. 

 He was provided with a harem from some Sheik who lent a bevy of beautiful women to the island for just such a request (This show would have been banned in so many ways today).

Women as Things

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The guy who asked for the harem complained that it was a used harem, and he thought he would get a brand new one. Ricardo Montalban, the actor who played the island’s director, had to explain to the guy that anyone could go out and buy a new car, but very few people would ever be able to experience the joy and comfort of driving a true classic automobile and that he needed to think of his harem in those terms (Trust me, I know what you’re thinking).

Of course, the guy learns that owning a harem is not as much fun as it looks and realizes he wants one girl in his life.

Women Are Actually People

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The point of that television show (as convoluted as it may sound) was that women are not objects to be owned, used, or judged by their pasts.  

To my way of thinking, a woman who has experienced an abundance of relationships in the past is a superstar. I would be ecstatic to date such a woman because she knows what she wants and must think I’m a pretty good guy if she gives me the time of day.

Boys Not Ready To Date

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 So, let’s just unpack what’s going on here.  Guys who ask the “Body Count” question are not ready to have a relationship with a woman.  

What they want is twofold, first, to shame a girl into answering a question that grown-ups would never ask, and second, to justify their own inferiority complexes when the girl dumps. 

The truth is that real men want real women, players just want to score, and boys need girls who remind them of their reverent mommies.

A Backlash Against Women’s Rights 

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The bottom line is that men, boys, guys, or whatever adjective you choose to describe yourself, are feeling a little salty that girls, women, or ladies are having sex and enjoying it.  While men have been on the prowl since the beginning of time, women have just begun to realize there’s more than one rooster in the chicken coop, and they like it.   

Women don’t have to sit at home and wonder when Mr. Right will call; they can swipe left or right on an app and get what they want NOW, just like a man.

Immature men don’t like it.

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