Trump Supporters Swindled: Internet Reacts To “Trump Bucks” Scam

There’s a subset of Donald Trump supporters who believe he’s the messiah. A new God destined to usher in a new era of whiteousness to the United States. 

These Maga cult adherents believe anything Trump says and find ways to justify all his outrageous actions.

And they’re easy pickens’ for scam artists looking to take advantage. 

The “Trump Bucks” Scam

On October 30, NBC broke the news of a new scam targeting Trump’s most loyal supporters. The scam revolved around a new currency, the Trump Rebate Banking System (TRB), which promised supporters riches if they bought in. 

Apparently, this new currency would replace US dollars when Trump was restored to the presidency, and those who bought in early would make bank! But, the scam artists also promised that these new dollars, or “Trump Bucks” as they’re commonly called, could be turned in for cash at both retailers and banking institutions across the country. 

Trump supporters bought thousands of dollars in Trump Bucks and then were shocked to discover they held no value. 

The Internet Reacts

Though we hate to see anyone scammed out of their hard-earned money, sometimes, we just can’t help but laugh. 

How could anyone seriously believe this?

But they did, and many online had no sympathy. 


No Evidence of Trump’s Involvement

Many responses mentioned Donald Trump personally, saying he’s a con man who won’t think twice about taking people’s hard-earned cash. 

However, we must clarify that there’s no evidence the former president has any involvement in the scam. 

The scammers used deep fakes to make it look like celebrities such as Elon Musk endorsed the bucks when there’s no proof anyone did. Most of the commercials seemed to be made from AI software that can make it look like people said things they didn’t. 

A Sad State of Affairs

Even without Trump’s direct involvement, many blame him for the problem. His divisive rhetoric and constant lies created a cult-like following. Many people who got sucked into the MAGA crowd worship the ground he walks on. They’d do anything if they thought it’s what he wanted, even buy thousands of dollars of worthless memorabilia. 

Donald Trump, not the scammer, created the false narrative about the stolen election. Donald Trump, not the scammers, made millions believe he is the rightful winner, and the truth will come out soon. He also constantly brags about rewarding his supporters, the true believers in his agenda. 

It was these seeds, planted by Trump himself, that paved the way for the scammers to create their narrative. If you believe that Trump is the true president, it’s not much of a leap to believe he will create a new currency.  Trump constantly says he’ll reward his biggest supporters, how were they supposed to know this wasn’t the way?

One Twitter user sums it up by wondering how anyone can be shocked at this. 


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