10 Baby Boomer Opinions We All Agree On

Okay Boomer

TGenerational divides have millennials scoffing, “Okay, Boomer,” whenever someone older states an opinion 

But They Have a Point

As much as it pains millennials and gen zs to admit, the boomers aren’t wrong about everything. 

What Boomers Get Right

Here's 10 Boomer Opinions we can all agree on!

Constant Accessibility 

o one needs to be reachable 24/7. Turn the phones off. 

Too Loud

The stereotype of older folks asking kids to turn down that racket exists for a reason, but some Redditors agreed that people, in general, are too loud. 

Social Media is Bad

Although the Baby Boomers love their Facebook, they’re the generation that usually warns us of the negative impacts social media may have. 

Physical Button 

Touchscreens are great for phones and tablets, but one Redditor said they aren’t needed everywhere, especially in cars.  

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