10 Cheap winter dates for couples

As it gets colder, some of us want to hibernate 

But winter doesn't have to be miserable! Here are some ways to beat the cold and have a fun with your special person this winter!

1. Sledding

Grab your sleds and head for the nearest hill! Dress warm and have some hot cocoa when you get home. 

Sledding isn't just for kids. Get cozy sharing a sled downstairs, or take turns pulling each other!

2. Host a movie marathon

We got lost in a corn maze for fall, so let's pop that corn and snuggle up on the couch on the coldest winter nights

3. Browse a Christmas Market

Made popular in Germany, you can find Christmas markets near most major city. 

4. Have a Paint Night

Create beautiful art together and keep each other's creative juices flowing!

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