10 Fan Favorite Artists Across Genres

Art is Subjective

One person may prefer the chaos of abstract expressionism, while another values the skill and structure of realism. 

Favorite Artists

sometimes it’s best to poll the internet to see who ordinary people consider “the best” artist of all time. Here are some top answers.   

Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh ranked number two on our list of most famous painters but was the top comment on a thread about best artists.  

David Bowie

Bowie is known for his deep vocals, experimental style, and iconic fashion sense.  

Leonardi Da Vinci

The most famous painter of all time was listed third on the thread of best artists. 

H.R. Giger 

One Redditor had an unlikely answer, saying H.R. Giger immediately popped into their head as “best artist.”  

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