10 Forgotten Places to Clean During a Spring Cleaning

Many people consider cleaning out their attics, garages, and basements a significant component of spring cleaning. Others downsize their closets or wardrobes. 

There is no right or wrong way to conduct a spring cleaning. Many people use this time to toss out the things they no longer need, while others use it to examine their personal lives. 

Here are some things you might not have thought about that should be cleaned during a spring cleaning!

Doormats are often the types of things we set and forget. Take this time to shake them out and run them through the wash


When spring cleaning, don’t forget your best friends! Many dogs shed heavily in the spring, so this is a great time to take them to the groomers for a defluff and shampoo.


If you have a pool, spring is when to get it ready for summer. Take the cover off, get the systems up and running, and check the chlorine levels to ensure it’s ready to go as the weather heats up.


Drains often get full of hair and grime. During your spring cleaning, detach the bathtub drains and pull anything out that may have gotten stuck.


Baseboards are often neglected during routine cleaning. Take the time to run cleaning wipes across your baseboards to remove the dust.


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