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10 Great Personal Finance Books

Slaying Personal Finance is key to a happy life

Understanding money gives you the opportunity to take risks and live a full life

Books can help You improve your money skills!

Books give you valuable advice, hints, tips, and systems that will help you improve your relationship with money 

Here are the best books on personal finance that will help you take control of your money


Your Money or Your Life

This book is arguably the inspiration for the FIRE movement. It teaches you how to make better money decisions

2. Personal Finance for Dummies

I love the "for Dummies" series because it offers simple, straightforward advice for everyone. 


The Bogleheads Guide to Investing

This book helps new investors learn about index funds and other easy investment options

4. I will teach you to be rich

The name is right there in the title.  Sethi offers personal finance advice for this new era that we live in.

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