Where to find the best meditation music

What is meditation

Meditation is the active process to be inactive. It is when you purposefully calm your mind and heal your spirit. 

What is Meditation Music?

Music therapy has been used for hundreds of years.  Because of its harmonious frequencies, it can communicate to our bodies on a mostly subliminal level. 

Where to Find Meditation Music

Here are 10 of the best places to find meditation music to help you with your meditation journey. 


Spotify is one of the leading websites for musical selections. You can find artists, even those considered obscure, within their vast databanks.   


You can find great videos that feature meditation music. Some go on for hours with deep, relaxing melodies that are good for sleep. 

Tune Pocket

TunePocket.com is a multi-genre library with thousands of music tracks, loops, and sound effects. They can be mashed together and compiled to create an excellent meditation soundtrack. 

Zen Radio

The website is full of already crafted songs that can give you the atmosphere you intend. The music will continuously play as a radio-based website with little to no commercial breaks 

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Swipe up for more Places to find meditation Music!