10 Signs that It's Time to Leave Your Toxic Job

Partners in Fire

The Dread

You know the feeling, you stay up late on Sunday night because going to bed leads to work on Monday morning. The pit of your stomach churns when you even think about going to work.  

A manager can make or break a workplace. Unfortunately, the people who seek management positions are often the ones who crave power, and they trample their employees to get what they want.  

When Managers Gaslight Employee

Poor managers can’t see the value employees bring to a company, but when they decide to put the onus on you to prove your worth, you know it’s time to go. 

Prove Your Worth

Layoff Reason

Some layoffs are unavoidable, but if your company is conducting layoffs, pay attention to who gets laid off and why.  

Employee well-being is vital to a successful workplace, so when a company neglects its employees’ health, it’s a red flag.  

No Respect for Employee Well-Being

When you start having intrusive thoughts about your horrible job when you’re home relaxing, it might be time to jump ship.  

Invasive Thoughts

Let’s face it, most of us only work because we need money. If another company offers us more money, we will likely quit and take the new offer.  

More Money

Medium Brush Stroke

Meh, Fire Me

When you get to the point where you don’t even care if you get fired, you might want to start job hunting.  

No Progression

Some positions are okay for a while, but if you start to feel stagnated and see no opportunities to grow, it may be time to look for something new.  

New Hires Making More

Companies fail at providing cost of living increases to their employees but will gladly offer competitive wages to attract new staff.  

You Deserve to be Valued

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