10 Restaurant Red Flags Warning You To Eat Elsewhere

Restaurants are a treat

Treating yourself to a restaurant meal should offer a much-needed respite from the chore of cooking and cleaning at home 

Not ALways the Case

Unfortunately not all restaurants offer a steller experience. Here are some red flags to watch out for before you dine!

Long Menus

Restaurants with extensive menus may be jacks of all trades but masters of none


if you find yourself waiting forever to get seated in a place with a handful of customers, you can rest assured your entire experience will be bad.  

No Sanitation Rating

Restaurants are required to post a sanitation rating, showing customers how they scored on their latest inspection.  You can assume they didn’t score well if the rating is absent or hidden. 

A Bad Smell 

When walking up the path to a restaurant, you hope for the delicious aroma of freshly cooked food to waft upon you.  

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Swipe up for more Restaurant Red Flags!