10 Spectacular Christmas Markets 

Christmas Markets

A Christmas market, also known as an advent market, is a street market that celebrates Christmas during the four weeks of advent 

Christmas Market History

Christmas markets originated in Saxony, Germany, in the Late Middle Ages. They were held to celebrate the Advent season. 

The Best Christmas Markets

Here are 10 of the best Christmas Markets in the world to help you get into the holiday spirit!

Frankfurt’s Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the most oldest and most popular.  Located in the scenic old town center, it has been running since 1393 

Salzburg’s Christmas Market

The Salzburg Christmas market is located in the heart of the city and offers a variety of traditional Austrian food and drink 

Prague’s Main Christmas Market

It features hundreds of wooden stalls selling traditional Czech blown-glass balls, glass pearls, straw goods, hand-embroidered tablecloths, and more

Carmel, Indiana Christmas Market

The Carmel Christkindlmarkt is one of the most popular markets in the United States. 

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