10 Things We Let Go As We Age

One of the most significant benefits of getting older is realizing what matters and what doesn’t. 

Here are some of the things we let go of as we age, when we realize they don't really matter

Redditors in their 30s and beyond have learned to let go of pleasing others

What Others Think

We can’t live in constant anxiety about things we can’t control. Instead, focus on making your life better.

Stuff We Can’t Control

Birthdays used to be the day per year set aside to celebrate yourself, but as we age, the idea because less exciting and more exhausting. 

My Birthday

Young people are obsessed with being “cool,” but as we age, we realize it doesn’t matter. 

Being Cool

As we age, we no longer care about having the newest style of shoes, the hottest purse, or the biggest release in gaming.