10 Truths that the Rich Will Never Understand

Partners in Fire

Poor folks know how to prevent waste. Most consumables are too expensive to throw away when the package gets low.  

How to Use it All

Being Poor is Expensive

The idea that you just need to try harder goes out the window when you get nickel and dimed at every turn.  

Poor folks are price-conscious. They must add up every item in their carts, calculate taxes, and ensure they can pay the final bill.  

The Exact Price

Rich kids never understood the struggle of feeling left out of class activities due to money.  

Feeling Left Out

Knowing Your Parents Are Hungry

Parents will sacrifice anything for their children, even food. Poor kids eventually figure it out, but rich people will never understand the feeling.  

Medium Brush Stroke

Surviving without Money

Wealthy folks will never know financial struggle and thus never learn those same survival skills.  

If you have money, the unexpected is an inconvenience. Yeah, it sucks when the car breaks down, or the cat needs to go to the vet, but you can afford it.  

Paycheck to Paycheck

Rich people don’t understand that poverty traps you in an endless cycle of remaining poor. 

Poverty Begets Poverty

You Need Money To Be Happy

It’s hard to be happy when you can’t afford the basic necessities of life or know that one tiny problem will destroy your precariously built stability.  

Rich people can throw money at problems and make them go away. Middle-class folks can control their work schedules, take time off for illness, and hold out for the perfect job opportunity.  

You Can’t Control Everything

The poor face trials and tribulations that the rich never have to consider.  

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