10 Warning Signs of an Awful Therapist

Partners in Fire

The assumption that a current situation is a punishment for something in the past is disgusting and antithetical to everything therapy is meant to accomplish.  

Your Suffering is Punishment

They Fall Asleep

When paying high prices for someone to listen to you, they better listen! 

A therapist who forgets everything about a previous session can’t be trusted to nurture the relationship.  


Although therapists can share examples from their life that help patients see their problems from a new perspective, over-sharing and focusing too much on their own experiences is a red flag.  

Trauma Dumping

Medium Brush Stroke

Essential Oils

it could be a red flag when a therapist pushes essential oils as an alternative to actual therapy or medication.  

Bringing Religion Into It

if the therapist doesn’t claim a religious-based practice, and the patient isn’t seeking religious-based therapy, religion should be left out of it. 

“Therapist: “It’s all in your head”  Patient: “So… I’m in the correct place, right? This is… what you do, right?”  

All In Your Head

Therapists are supposed to listen. However, a good therapist will interject to ask probing questions, forcing patients to consider events and behaviors from different perspectives.  

Just Listening

Hitting on You

Therapy is supposed to be a safe space. Therapists should never hit on their patients.  

Therapists should stay on the cutting edge of neuroscience. However, some have dug in deep and refuse to accept the reality of certain conditions.  

Your Condition "Isn’t Real"

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