101 Fun Things To Do With Friends!

Is your friend group bored of hitting the same old dive bars and bland restaurants?  

Sometimes you need to inject new life into your friendships to keep things stimulating! 

Here are 101 Epic Things to do with Friends to help you have fun all year!



An outdoor adventure allows you to do something physically rewarding together while enjoying scenic views and lush landscapes.  


Game Night

A great thing about hosting a video game night is that it can be virtual if some folks can’t make it. 


Ghost Tours

Learn the sordid history of your town, and have fun with friends trying to spook each other. 


Fruit Picking

Orchards and fruit farms all over the country allow you to wander around and pick produce straight from the source 


Go Thrifting

who better to hunt treasures with than your best friends? Thrift shops, flea markets, and garage sales are great places to shop for amazing deals  

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