11Giant Wastes of Money

We all waste money. Sometimes it’s on that fancy new trinket that we just had to have, and other times its on things that we think are reasonable.

There are other huge wastes of money out there, and ways to enjoy life without wasting that much. Here’s my list of the biggest wastes of money ever! 

I don’t really think college is a huge waste of money. But with that being said, there are some aspects of college that are huge wastes of money.


New cars are a waste of money. First, there’s the depreciation. As soon as you drive it off  the lot, it loses value.

New Cars

What you don’t need is the latest model of I-phone or Samsung as soon as it comes out. Phones are basically the new cars.

New Phones

Retail Therapy

When you’re feeling sad, buying something new is a great way to cheer yourself up. But it’s also expensive, and usually a waste of money.

Stuff You Don’t Really Want or Need

Buying stuff you don’t really want is right up there with retail therapy. But sometimes we do it on impulse when we aren’t even sad.