The holidays are coming

Here are 11 seasonal jobs that will help you earn extra cash

A seasonal job is a short-term position. Companies hire seasonal positions during their ‘busy times,’ such as Christmas for retailers and restaurants and summer for landscaping companies and pools 

Green Cup
Green Cutlery
Green Handbag
Green Cup

There are seasonal jobs for every season!

Here are some of the best ones!



retail work isn't glamourous and you don't make a lot

But retail stores are always looking for workers during the holiday season. If you have free time and need money soon these jobs can be a great opportunity


Summer camp Counselor

Need a seasonal summer job?

Become a summer camp counselor. Teach kids about the outdoors and spend your time camping


Become a Tax Preparer

If you need work in late winter/early spring


April 15 is tax day in the states, and tons of people need help filing. Become an accountant and work from Jan-April

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