11 Ways to Support Your Favorite Content Creators for Free!

What's a Content Creator?

A content creator is anyone who makes content for the internet. It can be in videos, blogs, live streams, podcasts, and even social media posts or photography. 

Supporting Content Creators

Most people want to support their favorite content creators but can’t afford to pay them. Here are 11 ways to support content creators for free!

Consume Their Content

Help them out by lurking in their Twitch channels, watching their YouTube videos, reading their blog posts, and downloading their podcasts. 

Follow Their Socials

More significant social media followings help creators negotiate with brands and increase the likelihood that their content will be seen by others, so every little bit helps. 

Spread the Word

Do you talk about your favorite Marvel movies and books with your friends? You should be talking about your favorite individual creators too! 

Turn off Ad Blocker

Many streamers, YouTubers, and bloggers make money via display ads. Although ads are frustrating, they are a top revenue source for many creators. 

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