11 Huge Wastes of Money

And what to do instead!

Are you wasting money on these common items? It's time to stop throwing your money away and start spending more mindfully!

Are you overspending on these?

Here are some of the biggest wastes of money

New cars are great, but they loose value the second you drive them off the lot

New Cars

Instead, look for gently used cars. Buy directly from a previous owner to avoid paying mark ups fees. 

If you are shopping because it makes you feel good, you might be wasting a ton of money needlessly

Retail Therapy

Try window shopping instead. If you see something you think you want, wait a day. It will still be there. This will help you avoid impulse buys. 

Do you have a ton of subscriptions that you aren't using?

Subscription Services

Use an app like Trim to get rid of the subscriptions you don't need. 

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We waste a ton of money on a variety of different things. You might also be wasting money on:

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The latest phone


And More!

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