12 Christmas Scents to Embrace this Season

Christmastime should be a joy for all of your senses. Celebrate the season by making your home smell like Christmas 

Discover the top Christmas scents and uncover the best Christmas candles to create joyful aromas throughout the holiday season. 

The icy, cool crispness of peppermint teases all your senses with a delightful tingle


cinnamon reminds us of the joyful warmth we feel when we come in from the cold.


Warm, rich, and indulgent, hot chocolate has been the go-to drink for winter for decades.

Hot Chocolate

Nothing says Christmastime like the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies wafting through the kitchen.

Christmas cookies

Adding a dash of clove to the refreshing springtime citrus smell transforms it into a magical Christmas aroma.

Citrus & Clove