12 of the Best At-Home Dumbbell Exercises

Why Dumbbells?

If the aim is to build muscle mass, facilitate fat loss, or increase body strength, dumbbell exercises check every box while improving cardiovascular capacity. 

Benefits of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are safer than barbells, give users greater flexibility, and are better for muscle stabilization. They are easier to store too!

Dumbbell Excersizes 

Here are 12 of the best dumbbell exercises to help you get and stay fit at home!

Dumbbell Lunge

A traditional lunge, but holding dumbbells to help you build muscle. 

Shoulder press

1. As you press both dumbbells up, breathe out until the end of the movement, which is when both dumbbells are above your head, with elbows slightly bent.

Triceps Extension

1. Extend your arms fully and raise the dumbbell over your head, keeping palms to face upward. That is the start position.

Dumbbell Row

1. Keeping your back in a neutral position and left knee soft, drive your elbow up, lift it to your torso, and lower back down to the start.

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