12 Tips To Help you Overcome Travel Anxiety

What is Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety, is when you feel uneasy about travel. You don’t need to have an anxiety disorder to experience travel anxiety. 

Travel Anxiety Shouldn't Stop You From exploring

It shouldn't stop you from visiting new places, meeting new people, and enjoying the world you live in. 

Overcome Travel Anxiety

Here are 12 tips to help you overcome travel anxiety so you can explore the world at ease!


The practice of meditation, in general, is a great way to ease anxiety, reduce stress, and help you re-focus your thoughts.  


One way to reduce anxiety is to write down your thoughts. Journaling is an excellent habit to relieve your mind of your worries.  

Plan Ahead

You can reduce your travel anxiety by planning and preparing as best as you can.   

Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine 

Alcohol can  disinhibit you. So any anxious thoughts you have while drinking may manifest in acting out or panicking. 

Listen To Calming Music 

If air travel stresses you out, try listening to calming music on the plane to help you relax.  

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